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NOTE:  the website is undergoing a renovation and will ultimately move to a new webhost. Bear with us as we make taxonomic changes along with adding new photos and other content.  Thanks!




How to use this site:

* Look at the search links above and choose the pattern type for the snake you saw.  [example: if your snake had a stripe running the length of its body, click "striped."  If your snake had a pattern (but no stripe), click "patterned."]

* Search through the thumbnail images and click one to view the species page with info and photos.

* At the bottom of each species page you'll see links with thumbnails for "previous snake" and "next snake."  These links take you through the entire list of snakes for that particular pattern.





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Welcome to oksnakes.org, the first website to help you identify all of
Oklahoma's native snakes. Given the large volume of old wives' tales
and flat-out misinformation about snakes, our mission is to provide you,
our visitor, with 100% accurate FACTS about the world's most mis-
understood animals. We hope you use this site as a tool to identify
and learn about Oklahoma's snakes.


Thank you for visiting!



All photos on this website are property of oksnakes.org and are NOT available for use without permission.  E-mail oksnakes@hotmail.com if you are interested in using a photo for any reason.

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