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Timber Rattlesnake
Crotalus horridus






This rattlesnake has a golden brown body with dark crossbands. Most southern forms have a reddish-orange stripe that runs down the back. This snake has keeled scales, a vertical pupil (not round), and an obvious heat-sensing pit between the eye and nostril.

Adults 35 - 54 inches (89 - 137 cm)


Mates in fall or spring and gives birth to live young in late summer to early fall. Typically has 5 - 15 babies that are 10 - 15 inches (25 - 38 cm) long.

Wooded areas, rocky outcrops, and swampy marshlands.

Other Information: 
Commonly known as a "velvet tail" because of the black coloration of the tail, which has a soft, velvety appearance.


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