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Orange-striped Ribbonsnake
Thamnophis proximus proximus






This snake is closely related to the gartersnakes. It has three light-colored stripes that run the length of the body, with the mid-dorsal stripe being the most prominent. These stripes contrast greatly with its black body. This thin snake has heavily keeled scales, the belly is plain, and the anal plate is single. Ribbonsnakes often have a yellow "dot" on the top of their head that'
s separate from the mid-dorsal stripe.

Adults 18 - 36 inches (46 - 91 cm)

Frogs, tadpoles, and small fish

Mates early spring and females give birth to 5 - 25 young in late summer. Babies are about 7 - 12 inches (18 - 30 cm) long.

Near water, typically around dense vegetation, which is used for cover

Other Information:
Young ribbonsnakes are often preyed upon by bullfrogs, birds, and large fish.


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