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Speckled Kingsnake
Lampropeltis getula holbrooki






This snake has black scales that have a yellow spot in most of them, giving it a speckled appearance. The belly may be plain or blotched, and the anal plate is single.

Adults 36 - 48 inches (91 - 122 cm)

Rodents, lizards, birds, and sometimes other snakes.

Mates in spring and lays a clutch of 5 - 20 eggs. The eggs hatch in 8 - 12 weeks and hatchlings average 9 - 12 inches (23 - 31 cm) in length.

Prairies, plains, wooded areas, and wetlands.

Other Information: 
This snake is often called "salt and pepper snake" in its range. It is unaffected by the bites of native venomous snakes and often eats them. 


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