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Graham's Crayfish Snake
Regina grahami






This snake is brown and has a light stripe running along each side, just above the belly. There may be another faint stripe down the center of the back. The scales are keeled, the belly is plain white or dull yellow with occasional faint dark spots along the midline, and the anal plate is divided.

Adults 18 - 30 inches (46 - 76 cm)

Mostly crayfish, but occasionally frogs and snails.

Mates in early spring and 6 - 40 young are born in late July to September. Babies are 7 - 10 inches (18 - 25 cm) long.

Slow-moving streams and ponds where crayfish are abundant.

Other Information:
Like most snakes, crayfish snakes are active during daytime hours when the weather is moderate. When it gets hot, they hunt for food during cooler nighttime hours. They overwinter in crayfish burrows.


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