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Sonora semiannulata






The groundsnake's pattern is extremely variable. It may look like one of the following:

* Plain brown to orange-brown with no pattern
* Plain brown to orange-brown with a reddish-orange stripe running down the center of its back
* Plain brown to orange-brown with either a single neck band or with dark bands evenly spread down the length of its body

The scales are smooth and shiny, and the anal plate is divided.

Adults 8 - 15 inches (20 - 38 cm)

Centipedes, scorpions, spiders, and small insects

Mates in spring or fall. Lays up to 6 eggs in June to August depending on location. Eggs hatch in 7 - 10 weeks and babies are about 4 - 5 inches (10 - 13 cm) long.

Open areas with loose sandy soil, and rocky wooded or prairie hillsides

Other Information:
This snake is a very secretive burrower and is occasionally found under rocks and logs.


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