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New Mexico Threadsnake
Leptotyphlops dissectus






A smooth, worm-like snake; reddish-brown or pink, with a blunt head and tail. The belly is either white or pink, and the eyes are small black spots on the side of the head.

Adults 5 - 10 inches (13 - 25 cm)

Eggs, larvae, and pupae of termites and ants.

A clutch of 2 - 7 eggs is laid late June to July. Females watch over incubating eggs and may share nesting sites with other females. Hatchlings are about 2 " (7 cm) long.

Stony hillsides, prairies, and in sandy or rocky desert areas.

Other Information: 

Active in the evening and at night. This burrowing snake is usually only seen on the surface following a rain storm. It is most commonly found in loose, damp soil under logs and rocks.


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