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Comments: What people are saying about oksnakes.org

Thanks for your website!  It helped me identify a species of snake I found in my back yard. Your passion for your work is evident
from reading your website.

- Bryan


I want to thank you for caring. I rescue and re-home dogs on death row at the pound so killing is not my thing. I feel everyone
and thing has a place here and I am in no way powerful or important enough to say who goes and who stays.  Keep up the good
work and thanks again.
- Kim
Many thanks for your identification, it had baffled me for 12 months! I would love more info on it, mainly because workmen 
on the property at the time told me all kinds of ghastly things. They said it was a swamp snake and could have easily killed
either me or the dog (who wouldn't leave him alone!). Mind you, I always find plumbers wearing cowboy hats and chaps
somewhat suspicious  ;-)
- Kay
Most excellent!  We are absolutely thrilled with your email, the pics, and all the information.  The picture that you sent looks 
just like our snake we found.  Thank you so much for educating us and putting our minds to rest, as we are not the type of
parents to instill unnecessary fear in our children with regard to reptiles and the usual creepy crawlers. Such information is very
appreciated so that in as much as we learn, our children thereby reciprocate and respect nature's companions.
- The Gauldings
I want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!  The kids were going crazy waiting to hear back from you.  You know 
how impatient kids can be!  They eagerly devoured your website.
- Karen
I looked at the site and it is very informative.  Last night I saw a copperhead, but at least this time I knew what it was and was 
able to read more about it on your site.  The site makes it easy for people like me who don't know much about snakes to be able
to see a picture and get more information on them.  Good job.
- Laura

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