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About OKsnakes.org

This website was dreamed up in the late 1990s when I realized there weren't really any pages on the World Wide Web that detailed Oklahoma snakes or helped people properly identify these wonderful creatures.  In the fall of 2001, I ran into an old grade school friend who just happens to design webpages for a living.  After pitching my idea to him, I decided to make my Oklahoma snake ID webpage a reality.  I consulted some other people in the herp community for advice, secured ample funding to get things started, and set out to compile photographs and information for all 44 species of Oklahoma snakes.

This site is wholly intended to be a complete educational experience.  My goal is to help my fellow Oklahomans learn about the amazing variety of snakes in our state, and also to help them learn how to live in harmony with these very same animals. 

Unfortunately, misinformation, rumors, and myths are how many people communicate about snakes, and this webpage is an attempt to stop that trend.  Snakes are highly beneficial and do much more for the ecosystem than most people realize. 

Out of 44 species, only seven are venomous,  and not all snakes are found in all areas of the state.  The odds that you'll have an encounter with a venomous snake are extremely low.  That's why I want you to learn about ALL of Oklahoma's snakes.  I want you to be prepared with the correct information when and if you see a snake, whether it be out in the woods, at the lake, or in your backyard.

Thank you for visiting www.oksnakes.org.  Your comments, suggestions, and donations are always welcomed.

Happy herping,


Financial and moral support were provided by the following folks:   Russell Grimpe, Linda Putnam, Tulsa Zoo Conservation Program's Outreach Sub-committee, Dr. Kay Backues, D.V.M., Fred Wightman, Tyler Olcott, and Stacey Goodwin

Site logo and other art designed by:  Abby Lightner

Special Thanks:  Creative State, Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation for allowing me to reproduce their field guide range maps, Shawn and Linda for helping with venomous snake photo sessions, Tulsa Zoo's Herpetology Department for graciously allowing me to photograph their venomous snake collection, J. Daren Riedle for snake photos, friendship, and photography advice, and to Apertures Photo, the official photo shop of oksnakes.org.

Individuals and Families that have supported the website (financially and/or photographically)Jeff LeClere, Bryan Darden, Steven Rawding, Tyler Olcott, Bob Meyers, Charles Blakley, Leslie Towns, The Lavigne Family, Sally Starobin, Mark and James Morley, Terry Hibbitts, The Blakey Family, The Fritts Family, Mike and Kim Wiens, Mark Thiele, Doug Garland, Speedsportz, LLC, James Bosley, Tom Weatherman, Jon Short, and Sheldon Shiraki.

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